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Nature Program Coordinator


CATEGORY: Part-time

SUMMARY: The Nature Program Coordinator is responsible for all nature programming, instruction and animal care. Nature Program Coordinator is a part-time employee working a maximum of 30 hours per week. Work pace is moderate to active depending on the task required. The position of Nature Program Coordinator requires the ability to work in active pace (30 lbs or more).

QUALIFICATIONS: The Nature Program Coordinator should have a Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation or a related field; or at least 1 year of experience in a nature education and/or Parks and Recreation related position. The Nature Program Coordinator must have experience in educating nature-based programs as well as working with Microsoft computer programs. Experience with Vermont Systems, Inc. (VSI) RecTrac preferred.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: The Nature Program Coordinator is under the supervision of the Superintendent of Recreation.


  • Directly Supervise and coordinate the nature programs and events.
  • Evaluate the need for new programs and events as well as retiring outdated programs and events.
  • Reserve and coordinate groups including securing and scheduling staff.
  • Instruct and facilitate programs.
  • Lead and facilitate groups both in-house and outreach.
  • Create lesson plans for programs including supply list.
  • Purchase all supplies necessary for program, group and special event operations.
  • Care for and handle live animals including, but not limited to feeding and habitat cleaning.
  • Maintain cleanliness of facility.
  • Actively participate in creating and maintaining the Recreation Department budget.
  • Reconcile all outstanding revenues with any partner organizations.
  • Monitor revenue and expenses for programs and events.
  • Recruit, hire, train, evaluate and manage staff.
  • Learn and work within registration software system including, but not limited to processing program registrations and rentals and entering programs and households.
  • Knowledge of Park District policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of a variety of nature topics.
  • Ability to lead and instruct programs and groups.
  • Knowledge of and ability to care for a variety of live animals.
  • Excellent customer service skills, (internal and external customers)
  • Ability to successfully use the secondary electronic devices: copy machine, postage machine, laminator and label maker.
  • Work well with all departments and personalities.


  • Have a basic knowledge of all programs, special events, and memberships; or know how and where to obtain the information.
  • Assist all employees of the Park District as needed.

PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Nature Program Coordinator may feel added pressure from the volume of calls, walk in requests, emails about programs, special events. The Nature Program Coordinator must remain calm and continually share Park District information with patrons. The Nature Program Coordinator must be a good problem solver, and continually develop creative responses to problems.

PHYSIOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Nature Program Coordinator must be able to bend, stoop, lift items weighing up to 30 pounds, turn, sit, and stand for short or extended periods of time.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Nature Program Coordinator may be exposed to elements when performing outdoor functions. Most activities are performed indoors or outdoors; these conditions may include lighting and extreme temperatures.

COGNITIVE CONSIDERATIONS: The Nature Program Coordinator must exhibit good problem solving ability and good judgment in keeping with the mission of the Park District. The Nature Program Coordinator must be in compliance with the loss prevention and safety policies of the Park District.

CONTACT: Mike Gianatasio, Superintendent of Recreation at mike@obtpd.org