On-the-Go Truck Parade

Truck Parade

On-the-Go Truck Parade! Come out and see the different trucks that are around your community. 

Saturday, June 27 at 10:00-11:00am

Route 1 - Brandywine (Begins at 10:00am) 
-    Stage vehicles in the Heritage Center parking lot
-    Head south on Ardmore Ave.
-    Right onto 16th St.
-    Right onto Michigan Ave.
-    Left onto 14th St. 
-    Right onto Church Ave.
-    Right onto 13th St. 
-    Right onto Michigan Ave.
-    Left onto Canterbury Lane North
-    Right onto Ardmore Ave. 
-    Right onto 14th St. 
-    Follow 14th St. around until it turns into Danby St. 
-    Left onto 16th St. 
-    Left onto Ardmore Ave. 
-    Back to the Heritage Center where the parade ends

Route 2 - Neighborhood South of Butterfield Road (Begins at 10:30am) 
-    Stage vehicles on 16th St. behind Stella May Swartz Elementary School
-    Head east on 16th St.
-    Right onto Monterey Ave. 
-    Left onto Karban Rd. 
-    Right onto Eisenhower Rd. 
-    Left onto Nimitz. Rd.
-    Right onto Marshall Rd. 
-    Left onto Eisenhower Rd. 
-    Right onto MacArthur Dr. 
-    Left onto Karban Rd.
-    Left onto Halsey Rd. 
-    Right onto MacArthur Dr. 
-    Right onto Stillwell Rd. 
-    Left onto Leahy Rd. 
-    Back to 16th St. where the parade ends