LEAP Afterschool Coordinator


TITLE: LEAP Afterschool Coordinator 

CATEGORY: Seasonal

SALARY: $15 per hour 

SUMMARY: Under the direct supervision of the Recreation Supervisor, the LEAP Afterschool Coordinator is responsible for supervising, implementing, and evaluating all day-to-day after school activities and administrative duties. The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator is a seasonal employee working approximately 20-25 hours per week during the School District 48 school year. LEAP Afterschool runs M-F from 2:30-6:00pm with additional time provided for set-up, clean-up, and planning. 

The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator should have a background working with school-aged children or be striving for a bachelor’s degree in education, physical education, health, or a similar area. Two years of experience is preferred.

Given the significant risks that COVID-19 presents, and to help maintain the health of all individuals on agency property or participating in agency programs, the Park District requires all employees to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Alternatively, employees that decline vaccination for medical, religious, or personal reasons must complete weekly COVID-19 testing.

1. Develop and plan activities that incorporate program goals into the daily routine. 
2. Prepare activities that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the children. 
3. Provide participants with the appropriate leadership during the program. 
4. Maintain open communication with School District 48 staff. 
5. Communicate with the parents through daily pick-up. 
6. Maintain a safe environment for participants. 
7. Direct and guide all LEAP Afterschool staff. 
8. Assign daily tasks to LEAP Afterschool staff. 
9. Report any problems that may arise with participants, other employees, or the school to the Recreation Supervisor. 
10. Maintain a positive attitude toward co-workers, the Park District, and the school. 
11. Responsible for all activity and room preparations for the program. 
12. Maintain records of attendance and sign-out sheets and turn them in to the Recreation Supervisor every two weeks. 
13. Attend staff meetings. 
14. Request supplies for the program from the Recreation Supervisor. 
15. Follow and enforce Park District policies and procedures. 

1. Ability to complete essential functions of the position. 
2. Knowledge of children and children’s activities. 
3. Excellent communication skills. 
4. Excellent leadership skills. 
5. Willing to acquire First Aid and CPR training. 
6. Ability to provide excellent customer service, 

1. Make recommendations to the Recreation Supervisor for improvement on equipment, supplies, facility, and program needs. 
2. Set up and cleanup of program. 
3. Ability to be flexible and adaptable to new situations. 

The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator may feel added pressure from the day-to-day responsibilities while also assisting staff, participants, and parents. The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator must remain calm and be able to address problems and issues that arise. The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator must be a good problem solver and able to develop creative responses to problems. 

The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator must be able to bend, stoop, lift items weighing up to 30 pounds, turn, sit, and stand for short or extended periods of time. 

Indoor work conditions will include lighting, temperature, and noise. Outside conditions will include extreme temperature, sunlight, and precipitation

The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator must exhibit good problem-solving ability and good judgment in keeping with the mission of the Park District. 

The LEAP Afterschool Coordinator must be in compliance with the loss prevention and safety policies of the Park District. 

The Oakbrook Terrace Park District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

To apply, send your resume or job application to Mary Swade, Recreation Supervisor: RecreationSupervisor@obtpd.org.