School & Community Group Programs

The Lake View Nature Center offers unique and fun opportunities for your students to explore nature. Our staff will help you plan a fun and educational program on the topic of your choice. Curriculum will vary depending on age level and state standards. We offer the following programs geared to the seasons.

Group Reservation Information

  • Group programs (except "Camping Fun") are 90 minutes. "Camping Fun" is 2 hours (with an additional fee). 
  • Groups must provide a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) children.
  • Camping program is a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every five (5) children.
  • Chaperones are free.
  • Please fill out our School & Community Group Request form for more information and to start your reservation process.

Rate Information

  • Regular programs: $75 for first ten (10) children. $6/additional child
  • Camping programs: $110 for first ten (10) children. $6/additional child
  • Base fee ($75 or $110 depending on program) required at time of reservation. 
  • Additional children will be charged for upon arrival of the group at the Nature Center. 
  • Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to reservation date to receive a refund.
  • Any questions? Contact Laura Saletta at


Animal Tracks

Become an animal detective and learn how to find clues that animals leave behind like footprints, fur and of course - droppings. Make a pawprint cast to take home. 

Bird is the Word

Learn about various kinds of birds (including our adorable Nature Center resident quails), go on a birdwatching hike, and make a bird feeder to take home. 

Hands on Herpetology

Discover the types of reptile and amphibian critters that call Illinois their home. Learn about diet, habitat, and what we can do for species conservation. Meet some of our resident animals up close. 

Creepy Crawlies

Learn about insects, arachnids and annelids through hands-on investigations and live-specimen discussion.  

Native American Lore

Learn about the Native Americans of the Midwest. Discover how they used natural resources in everyday life. Sample some games that native children play, and make one to take home youself.

Fantastic Fall (available Sep-Nov)

Identify different trees by learning about their leaves and bark. Go on a leaf collecting hike and create a tree themed creaft to take home. 

Peek at the Pond (available Apr-Oct)

Explore the wonderful natural habitat of the pond. Learn about the animals that live there and how they are suited to life around the water.

Camping Fun (available May-Oct; 2 hour program with an additional $35 fee)

Create a campsite by learning to put up a tent and start a campfire safely. Learn how to be a good steward to the environment while enjoying the "Great Outdoors".