Outreach Programs

Let us bring our exciting nature programs to you!

Outreach Reservation Information

  • Fee: $50/half hour; one hour minimum
  • Outreach must be paid in full at the time of booking
  • Groups must be booked a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance.
  • Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to reservation date to receive a refund.  
  • Time is calculated from start to finish of program presentation.
  • Presenter will arrive 30 minutes before the requested start time to set up program supplies. There is no charge for set-up and take down time.
  • Tables, chairs, desks, or other furniture will be set up ahead of time for the presenter.
  • Please fill out an Outreach Request form to start your reservation process.


  • An outreach visit can take on many forms. Here are some of the ways we present our topics:
    • Presentations for group (great for assemblies, meetings, social gatherings, etc.)
    • Table display (great for a fair or theme evening)
    • Interactive classroom experience (great for specialized curriculum requirements or Science Olympiads)
    • Please select a topic below.

A Variety of Program Options to Choose From

Hands on Herpetology

Discover the types of reptile and amphibian critters that call Illinois their home. Learn about diet, habitat, and what we can do for species conservation. Meet some of the Nature Center animals up close.

Creepy Crawlies

Learn about insects, arachnids and annelids through hands on investigations and live-specimen discussion. You may even get to hold a walking stick!

Animal Tracks and Clues

Become an animal detective and learn how to discover clues that animals leave behind, like footprints, and of course - droppings. Feel the feathers and furs of popular local animals.

Fill the Bill

Learn about different bird beaks by looking at a variety of skulls. Conduct a series of experiments to determine why these beak adaptations may be helpful and advantageous for finding food.

The Three Bears

Learn about the three species of North American bears and their habitats: the black bear, the grizzly bear and the polar bear. Examine their skulls, fur and claws. 

Native American Lore

Learn about the Native Americans of the Midwest. Discover how they used natural resources in everyday life. Sample some games that native children play, and make one for yourself.